Who Sang Beneath a Septic Sun? Waning

Release information
Release Date: 2012-2-1
length: 5:55
Beneath a septic sun, soaking wet in acid rain
The blight has just begun, my suroundings are quite insane

Scorched by the yellow plague
Beneath a septic sun, where we only, only for a moment
Realise that this has just begun
If only, only for a moment, we were sheilded from the light
We all dwell beneath a septic sun, enduring the yellow pestilence
Across barren vombs, toxic infertile fleshy tombs
A world painted black, nothing but the naked truth

CD 1
  • 1 Beneath a Septic Sun
  • 2 End Assembly
  • 3 To the Smouldering Next
  • 4 Continuum
  • 5 The Human Condition
  • 6 Through Fields of Mercury
  • 7 Void
  • 8 Cynic Eye