Who Sang To the Smouldering Next? Waning

Release information
Release Date: 2012-2-1
length: 4:38
To the smouldering next
Signs of repression
To burn without a flame
To the smouldering next
Flickering signs of life
Few and far in between
Unable to compromise
Wide spread weakness
Crumbling under pressure
One million sparks
Every one a copy of the next
Dreams of grandeur
Illuminate momentarily
Reaching for the sky
A phoenix reborn
And to ash returned

Subsurface flame
Low-temperature combustion
Creeping slowly up through the material
Eating from inside
Triggering the transition in to fire
Slowly fade out
No one minds
Furl around the embers
A cycle of life or no life

CD 1
  • 1 Beneath a Septic Sun
  • 2 End Assembly
  • 3 To the Smouldering Next
  • 4 Continuum
  • 5 The Human Condition
  • 6 Through Fields of Mercury
  • 7 Void
  • 8 Cynic Eye