Who Sang Epistemic Purification? Warblade

Release information
Release Date: 2003-6-1
length: 12:18
Here we are regardless of rights and wrongs and I can't help but feel like a hero and a villain wrapped in one
Collective butchering, brilliance only takes one so far
Into a barrier of mental limitations. A romance with disaster
Can you see, hear or smell, taste or feel?
The tunnel vision memory playing our lives from here to there, will it ever end? Serpent trials, error p***e, and bleeding from the bones
Visions, sound, the sickness bound, enchantment over you
Martyr blood on feeble hands, the weaker cause the strenghtening
Walk with me through the tides of history, we'll see things they won't ever see
Once again I'm choking and seeing a Technicolor dream
It's all there is beyond the destiny
The fate is cast... The demon's wait for me
With a splintered reception we see what we were
Counter clockwise years pass in just seconds
Backwards through the engraved history of the minds eye
Trace the wounds, seconds pass... this place knows it all
Nothing is safe and nothing is secret
Bleeding crimson memories, you're getting weaker. Turning shades of blue and caving in... face down for good
I'll go on alone... rest in pieces
High... low
Rotting in a forward march towards a revelation
Seeing the decay of the body that I call my own
Turning time inside out, chronological mismatched misfortunes
The stakes are getting higher
The hunt is on...
Run from time
Conveyed on fear
Shadows of the past enclose each tear
Aging with each step into life it's coming undone
Conceive visually all that was so wrong. Liquid flames force me to the dark, and back to day one
Beyond where I was born
Hoping this is life to death to life
Break these ties with all that's killing me
Flee the demons that are right behind
Walk away from this and never look back. Born into fires
Grown in the graveyard soil
Breathe, it's just a dream
Learn to love the silence
Scream, still no one's listening
Dead to all minds but my own

  • 1 The End Unleashed at Dawn
  • 2 Deadly Nighshade
  • 3 The Wasteland Burials
  • 4 The Wasteland Burials II
  • 5 The Lifeline Machinery
  • 6 A Crisis in the Gray Space
  • 7 The Scowl
  • 8 Dreamwork and Memory
  • 9 Epistemic Purification