Who Sang Aftershock? Warchest

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length: 2:28
The earth has sopoken
Don´t even think to face your god
The ground is moving, agressive and fury
No place to hide, no time for regrets
Another aftershock (the panic starts)
The aftershock, redemption

Pray to your god
Pray on your knees
Pray for your life
This is my payback, you won´t survive
Pray to your god
Pray on your knees
Beg for your life
Bow down to me

Solo Domingo
Solo Chris

  • 1 Aftershock
  • 2 The Entrance
  • 3 Contradiction
  • 4 Warchest
  • 5 Prelude
  • 6 Let Me Down
  • 7 Alone
  • 8 Mental Mess
  • 9 Army of revolution
  • 10 Fear Of The Machine