Who Sang New Age of Total Warfare? Warfare

Release information
Release Date: 1991
length: 2:15
Just decibels volumes our l***
And all your views have turned to dust
Fire the blanks left in your gun
Just give me booze and loads of fun
This is the new age beware
This is the new age of total warfare

Now it's so loud we cannot stop
Turn it up until we drop
This is our cult can't stop us now
A blazing hell unholy row
No rules no law no turning back
You're gunned down full scale attack
We won't conform just burn ya down
A perfect freedom is what we've found

No alibis just left to die
Aim those frets between their eyes
Hard driving bass detonating lead
Crossover sound power and speed

CD 1
  • 1 Warning
  • 2 New Age of Total Warfare
  • 3 Burn Down the Kings Road
  • 4 Metal Anarchy
  • 5 Blown to Bits
  • 6 Military Shadow
  • 7 Elite Forces
  • 8 Disgrace
  • 9 Deathcharge
  • 10 Living for the Last Days
  • 11 Dance of the Dead
  • 12 Prince of Darkness