Who Sang Torture in the Tower? Warrant

Release information
Release Date: 1985-6-13
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash/Speed Metal
length: 3:53
Late in the night when I close my eyes
My thoughts oscillate
In the tunnel of life and death
It's so cold, it's so dark as I try to get free
Red eyes of fire staring at me


Torture in the tower,
They're coming down on me
Torture in the tower,
Is it real or fantasy

I see a hangman, staring at me
I get the feeling, he's waiting for me
My sweat's running cold
The axe falls through the air
My head is falling, my soul screams in despair

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 The Rack
  • 3 Ordeal of Death
  • 4 Nuns Have No Fun
  • 5 Send Ya' To Hell
  • 6 The Enforcer
  • 7 Betrayer
  • 8 Die Young
  • 9 Torture in the Tower
  • 10 Cowards or Martyrs