Who Sang Accidents Happen? Waterdeep

Release information
Release Date: 2008-12
length: 4:15
Written by Don Chaffer

This is the story of Captain Breeze
And the way he moved with his injured knees
And the boy whom he once taught to climb trees
Before the Captain lost his way
And this is the story of Sam the kid
How he, for a couple of lousy quid,
Bought a jar of priceless jewels with a broken lid
And why he couldn't stay

Accidents happen; accidents do
Someone'll act like they're into you
But their axe'll fall in between violent and blue
Then the accidents come and start falling on you
Accidents come and start falling on you

Sam was out looking for cheap guitars
He was looking through other people's yards
When he found his blessing in a box of jars
And he bought it right away
When he thought of Breeze he felt himself tear
He thought, I probably should just let him share
But I can't be sure he'll even be there
So I'll wait 'til the end of day

They met on the bank by the river dam
Captain Breeze and the eager one, Sam
And the Captain said, no talking while we eat our ham
They were chewing not talking right then
And when lunch was over the captain spoke
He said, "You know, kid, you kinda seem like of a joke"
Sam didn't look up cause Sam's heart was broke
And he wondered when their talk would end

That night beneath the northern star,
Sam left with nothing but his jar,
And he had no plan except to get as far
As he could from his Captain friend

CD 1
  • 1 Do the Dance
  • 2 Life of the Party
  • 3 Oh
  • 4 Accidents Happen
  • 5 Party Reprise
  • 6 The Highest Branch
  • 7 Lying in History
    CD 2
  • 1 Right Before
  • 2 Enter Magician
  • 3 Okay, Okay, Yeah
  • 4 You'll Be Fine
  • 5 I Rolled Into New Year's Eve
  • 6 My Second Try