Who Sang Okay, Okay, Yeah? Waterdeep

Release information
Release Date: 2008-12
length: 4:41
Written by Don Chaffer

I ran my fingers over the cloth and found the seam
I thought this isn't here or there; it's in between
And I always wished I could stand right where sky meets sea
But when I dreamed it one time, it seemed sad to me

Sad like a farewell written in the sand
Sad like a waterfall splashing in your hand
Sad like the sunlight in a marble hall
Maybe sad isn't quite the right word after all

I could go over everything again, and wonder why but
I don't think that'll give an answer to me anymore, cause
Now I've learned some things just refuse to come to the light, and
It's okay, okay, yeah
I said okay, okay, yeah

I was certain of hurt and I was scared to care
I thought falling would mean that I would land nowhere
Now I wonder if one is ever sure at all
Maybe you don't rise above maybe you love the fall

Fall like a toddler learning to stand
Fall like a satellite floats unmanned
Fall like a fool at a downtown bar
Maybe fall doesn't really go all that far

Go call off the dogs now
Sunset's setting in and
We won't find the body
Til another day begins and
I suspect they'll ask me
Once they find it in my head
Why I seek the living
Here in the land of the dead

CD 1
  • 1 Do the Dance
  • 2 Life of the Party
  • 3 Oh
  • 4 Accidents Happen
  • 5 Party Reprise
  • 6 The Highest Branch
  • 7 Lying in History
    CD 2
  • 1 Right Before
  • 2 Enter Magician
  • 3 Okay, Okay, Yeah
  • 4 You'll Be Fine
  • 5 I Rolled Into New Year's Eve
  • 6 My Second Try