Who Sang Man In The Mirror? Wayne Toups

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length: 5:07
Looking at me, I don't understand why you love me
I just can't see why a woman like you would believe in me
I didn't climb any mountains, reach any storms
So what did I do to win your heart?
And why can't I see all that you see in me?

Because this man in the mirror
Must be much more than I see
And the longer that I stand here
The more fault I find in me
Yes I find it amazing
That you feel the way you do
'Cause this man in the mirror
Just ain't good enough for you

Many a times I see pain in your eyes, and it's because of me
But most of the time I see love outside and inside and on me
'Til the storms in the heavens fall from the sky
'Til God calls me up and the sun leaves my eyes,
I'll try to be all that you see in me


Oh yeah!
This man in the mirror
Just ain't good enough for you

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  • 5 Man In The Mirror
  • 6 Whoever Said It Was Easy (w/Delbert McClinton)
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  • 8 What'cha Doing To Me
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    script: Latin