Who Sang I'm Back? Webbie

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Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:24
I'm back, I'm back, I heard he said that he was ready for Webbie said where he at.
The trill fam yall wouldn't have made it where he at.
A whole clique of squares I bet you somebody would have rat.
Scary Cat. Scary Cat.
Couldn't nothin kill us,
I told you lil *****es way back that I'm the trilliss take a picture of me,
Listen to me yall been dunkin bullets, now I'm back and tell a ***** **** em.

R.I.P to my big cousin it really touched me
And they need to free lil B not just for me but for the streets, they love em.
What up for rock you know it's hotter than a pot
And yeah you know there somewhere plottin
But it ain nothin we just gone keep on goin
I still don't know when they gone stop
So I'm just layin up in the rain and I can see the sun shinin'
And it just keep on pourin, tourin round the world
Different cities gettin *******
The realest *****s walk up and they tell me I'm the realest one
So many independent women clown
I can give you one so you can move on
That with her get off the couch and stop bein a bum busta
Show yall I don't even know yall, and tell yo home boy his hoe called
I'm back and you know it I did it then I rolled it
And you know what I be cheifin and I keep it like I grow it
And no you don't wanna go there
I bet I can stoop the lowest highest that I can get
I just open pounds and I blow em half my friends up in jail
The other half of them want it I'm back it's savage life
I done got up on my paper my next door neighbor a joker
I can't sleep hoes up on me everywhere
I go they be on me yall just take em **** em duck em
Give them hoes to my homies they love to come to my parties
They know my **** be the crunkest big bag of weed and pink bottles
Let's see who can get the drunkest I'm back I know yall missed me
I spit this **** like we want it
That's why all the bad *****es and trill *****s be on it
Real *****s really feel it the killas get to killin
All the hustla's get to hustlin and chillas they just be chillin
I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back.

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