Who Sang Bali Ha'i? Werner Müller und sein Orchester

Release information
Release Date: 1963
Genre: Jazz Pop
Style: Easy Listening/Swing
length: 2:28
Bali ha'I may call you,
Any night, any day,
In your heart you'll hear it call you,
"come away, come away"

Bali ha'I will whisper,
On the wind of the sea,
"here am I your special island"
"come to me, come to me"

Your own special hopes,
Your own special dreams,
Bloom on the hillside,
And shine in the streams

If you try you'll find me
Where the sky meets the sea
Here am I your special island
Come to me, come to me

Bali ha'I
Bali ha'I
Bali ha'I

Someday you'll see me,
Floating in the sunshine,
My head's sticking out from a low flying cloud

You'll hear me call you,
Singing through the sunshine
Sweet and clear as can be

"come to me, bali ha'I"
"come to me"
"come to me"

Bali ha'I

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