White Willow - Sally Left Lyrics

release date:
length: 6:34
Let the silence embrace me
Time took her in, with his loveless desire
Sang her a sweet lullaby

Frail as a ghost
She was fading so slowly
I knew she was leaving me soon
Then with a smile and a whisper she kissed me
"Claire, I will come for you soon"

We heard the tolling of bells in the distance, I begged her not to stray
But in the morning this house was half empty, she found her bed in the grass

Mornings are pale
And the sea side deserted
Summer has left me behind
I hope that Sally will know where to find me
If she comes looking for me

I hear her whispers through radio static, I see her face in the clouds
And in the morning this house will be empty
Make me a bed in the grass

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