White Willow - Splinters Lyrics

release date: 2006
genres: Rock
styles: Hard Rock/Pop Rock/Prog Rock
length: 8:36
Evie with her dark refrain
contemplates the fall
pictures on a faded page
all that went before

distances and destinies
separate us all
seasons of forgetfulness
wipe away our soul

and when the morning comes
will you know what came to pass
and when the morning comes
how can you recall
shards of a broken glass
pieces scattered on the floor
sharp pain reminds you of
the sweetness of the wine

now the day is growing old
shadows all around
engine revs and taillights fade
swallowed by the night

she is left without a clue
visions fade in shades of blue
whispers of a dying day
evie turns and walks away

there are splinters scattered on the floor
and inside her soul forever more
and outside the trees are stripped and bare
and the darkness gathers everywhere

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Night Surf
  • 2 Splinters
  • 3 Ghosts
  • 4 Joyride
  • 5 The Lingering
  • 6 The Dark Road
  • 7 Chrome Dawn
  • 8 Dusk City
  • 9 Ararat