Wild Orchid - My Lover 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2003
ジャンル: Pop
スタイル: RnB/Swing/Pop Rap
length: 3:19

I see you stare at me, oh baby, it makes me feel sexy, oh baby, and I play along, you think that I'm so shy, couldn't be more wrong, I'm not Mrs. right...boy I'll blow your mind whenever I'm ready, and your only clue will be, when you fall down to your knees. You say that we're just friends but I know you wanna be my lover, don't you wanna be? I know you wanna be. Quit trying to pretend cause I know you wanna be my lover. I let you feel on me, oh baby, now your talking dirty, oh baby, baby come with me, let's go back to my place, I know you wanna see, that look on my face...boy I'll blow your mind when we get together, I can picture you and me, better than your fantasy. Repeat chorus. Boy I let you feel on me and now you're talking dirty, I can picture you and me back at my place...I am gonna blow your mind when I get good and ready, I can hardly wait to see that look on your face baby. Repeat

  • 1 Kiss the Sky
  • 2 All the Way
  • 3 Hypnotic (feat. Napoleon)
  • 4 It's On
  • 5 On the Floor
  • 6 My Lover
  • 7 Sugarfly
  • 8 Simon Sez
  • 9 Contagious
  • 10 All Night Long
  • 11 Love in All Controll
  • 12 Let the Record Spin
  • 13 Hypnotic (remix) (feat. Napoleon)