Who Sang Sleeper Awakes? Will of the Ancients

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Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 3:41
Act 1, Scene 1
The Sleeper speaks from regions unknown:

Scene 2
The King's General has had a dream, a dream verified by all the wise men of the kingdom of having the marks of prophecy. The General enters the throne room, and kneels before his king.

King of the Western Kingdom :
"Now, what did you see?
What did you dream?

General of the Western Kingdom :
"My vision cleared upon a tranquil day
Encircling a castle, far away
A kingdom of riches and prosperity
Enveloped by our troops, raised by me
The Kingdom of the North shall fall to thee
And with it we'll control the sea
Travel to far, new kingdoms in prosperous lands
To the Eastern Kingdom of desert sands!"

King of the Western Kingdom :
"Now you know what must be done
Leave at the first sign of sun!"

Act 2, Scene 1
The General stands with his troops atop a hill, encircling the Western Kingdom . The General speaks to his troops.
General of the Western Kingdom :
"Storm the gates, onward, to arms
No restraint, they must suffer
Ah, but wait, they fortify the basement
What's encased? Of importance?
Now I see, I recall a memory
From my dream, I recollect an ending
Storm the gates, through the basement
They'll retreat, we are the victors!"

Scene 2
The General sits alone, huddled against a tree. His memories of the battle wreak havoc on his mind and come in incoherent spurts.

The General of the Western Kingdom :
"Storm the gates!"

Soldier of the Northern Kingdom :
"The Sleeper awakes!"

Peasant of the Northern Kingdom 1:
"What have you done?"
Peasant of the Northern Kingdom 2:
"We're free from its dreams!"

Peasant of the Northern Kingdom 3:
"The Sleeper awakes!
Now you'll see
Take our misery!"

Act 3, Scene 1
The General has returned to his Kingdom. Bodies litter the streets and the moans of the dying fill the air. He enters his King's throne room, to find it spattered with blood and littered with corpses. None of the corpses are identifiable, just husks of eviscerated flesh.

"No! I tried to reach our kingdom,
But, alas, the demon has reached them
Now I have nothing to live for,
I'll take my life with my sword!"

The Sleeper appears, its hideous visage staring into the General of the Western Kingdom 's soul. He cowers in fear, and it speaks:

"No, not yet, you shall not expire
The host I desire
Your destiny, to be my slave
Until the day I find your grave!"

CD 1
  • 1 Battle for the Sky
  • 2 Between Stagnation and Infamy
  • 3 Lords of the Sea
  • 4 Epistemological Conundrum
  • 5 Sleeper Awakes
  • 6 Behind Her Eyes
  • 7 Steel Resounds
  • 8 Curse of Thrones
  • 9 Bard's Tale
  • 10 The Artifact