Who Sang Poison Ivy? Willie Mabon

Release information
Genre: Blues
length: 2:52

Now cat, don't touch that gal there please
You'll get wasted, down to your knees

Now I don't like to brag
I don't like to say what I do
But I'm like poison ivy
I'll break out all over you

Everyday when I shave, wearin' my house coat
Two men have to hold me or I'll cut my throat

Well I bought me a blade, one that I could afford
Too long to be a knife, and too short to be a sword

Last night some cat got smart with my niece
Now he wears a sign sayin' "rest in peace"

Now I don't claim to be bad, don't claim to be strong
I just like to keep bad people from doing me wrong

  • 1 I Don't Know
  • 2 Beggar or Bandit
  • 3 You're a Fool
  • 4 Monday Woman
  • 5 I'm Tired
  • 6 Lonely Blues
  • 7 Willie's Blues
  • 8 Poison Ivy
  • 9 He Lied
  • 10 Someday You Gotta Pay
  • 11 The Seventh Son
  • 12 Knock on Wood
  • 13 Why Did It Happen to Me
  • 14 I'm Mad at You