Who Sang December Days? Willie Nelson

Release information
Release Date: 1992-10-6
length: 2:33
composer: Willie Nelson
lyricist: Willie Nelson
This looks like a December day this looks like a time to remember day

And I remember a spring such a sweet tender thing
And love's summer college where the green leaves of knowledge

Were waiting to fall with the fall

And where September wine numbed a measure of time

Through the tears of October now November's over

And this looks like a December day

This looks like a December day it's looks like we've come to the end of the way

And as my mem'ries race back to loves eager beginning

Reluctant to play with the thoughts of the ending the ending that won't go away

And as my mem'ries race back...

And this looks like a December day

  • 1 I Let My Mind Wonder
  • 2 December Days
  • 3 I Can't Find the Time
  • 4 I Don't Sleep a Wink
  • 5 You Wouldn't Cross the Street to Say Goodbye
  • 6 Suffering in Silence
  • 7 I Feel Sorry for Him
  • 8 You'll Always Have Someone
  • 9 I Just Don't Understand
  • 10 Shelter of My Arms
  • 11 Any Old Arms Won't Do
  • 12 Slow Down Old World
  • 13 Healing Hands of Time
  • 14 And So Will You My Love
  • 15 Things to Remember
  • 16 One Step Beyond
  • 17 Undo the Wrong
  • 18 Home Is Where You're Happy
  • 19 Why Are You Picking on Me
  • 20 Blame It on the Time