Who Sang It Should Be Easier Now? Willie Nelson feat. Curtis Potter

Curtis Potter Six Hours at Pedernales cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995
length: 3:25
composer: Willie Nelson
lyricist: Willie Nelson
Now that I've made up my mind you're gone
It should be easier now
Perhaps now my heart will stop hangin' on
It should be easier now
The lesson I learned from you gold can't buy
A heart can be broken and still survive
Thanks to you now a much wiser man am I
And it should be easier now
The worst now is over I've stood the test
It should be easier now
They say everything happens for the best
And it should be easier now
The wounds in my heart you carved deep and wide
Hollowed and washed by the tears that I've cried
Now there'll be more room for love inside
It should be easier now

CD 1
  • 1 Nothing's Changed, Nothing's New
  • 2 Chase the Moon
  • 3 Are You Sure?
  • 4 The Party's Over
  • 5 We're Not Talking Anymore
  • 6 Turn Me Loose and Let Me Swing
  • 7 Once You're Past the Blues
  • 8 It Won't Be Easy
  • 9 Stray Cats, Cowboys & Girls of the Night
  • 10 The Best Worst Thing
  • 11 It Should Be Easier Now
  • 12 My Own Peculiar Way