Willie Nelson - I Just Can't Let You Say Good-Bye 歌詞

合成: Willie Nelson
オリジナル盤発売日: 1998-9-1
ジャンル: Folk, World, & Country
スタイル: Country
length: 4:39
membranophone: Tony Mangurian and Victor Indrizzo
vocal: Willie Nelson
Hammond organ: Brad Mehldau
acoustic guitar: Willie Nelson
mandolin: Daniel Lanois
slide guitar: Brian Griffiths
bass harmonica: Mickey Raphael
background vocals: Emmylou Harris
Wurlitzer electric piano: Bobbie Nelson
electric guitar: Daniel Lanois
I had not planned on seeing you
I was afraid of what I'd do
But pride is strong, here am I
And I just can't let that you say goodbye

Please have no fear, you're in no harm
As long as you're here in my arms
But you can't leave so please don't try
But I just can't let that you say goodbye

What force behind your evil mind
Can let your lips speak so unkind
To one who loves as much as I
But I just can't let you say goodbye

The flesh around your throat is pale
Intended by my fingernails
Please don't scream and please don't cry
'Cause I just can't let that you say goodbye

Your voice is still, it speaks no more
You'll never hurt me anymore
Death is a friend to love and I
'Cause now you'll never say goodbye

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