Who Sang I'll Keep On Loving You? Willie Nelson

Release information
Writer(s): Matthew James Aitken, Pete Waterman, Michael Stock
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
length: 2:52
If the world keeps on turning and I'm sure it's bound to do
Then I'll keep on loving you
And if the dawn comes tomorrow and we know that it is true
Then I'll keep on loving you
What the thing changes sky to fall the dawn wouldn't come the world wouldn't stall
I wouldn't care as long as you're near it wouldn't matter to me at all
And if the stars stay in heaven and the moon stays in the blue
Then I'll keep on loving you

If I ever should lose you then I know just what I'll do
I'll just keep on loving you
You are heaven to me dear you are every dream come true
And I'll keep on loving you
Life is so sweet when you are near I couldn't do without you my dear
I love you so I want you to know I think of you wherever I go
And I will always be faithful and I'm sure that you will too
And I'll keep of loving you then I'll keep on loving you

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