If It's Wrong to Love You Lyrics - Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Make Way for Willie Nelson cover art
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Writer(s): Chris Fehn, Christopher Fehn, Corey Taylor, Craig Jones, Craig A Jones, Michael Crahan, Michael Shawn Crahan, Mickael Thomson, Nathan Jordison, Nathan J Jordison, Paul Gray, Paul D Gray, Sid Wilson, Sidney Wilson
Release Date: 1967-5-1
length: 2:21
And though the world may scorn me darling can't you see
If it's wrong to want you when my day is through
Gladly I will pay for all my dreams of you
And though we met too late dear and you'll never know
That without a right to I have loved you so
I can't change my heart now you're a part of me
So if it's wrong to love you wrong I'll always be
[ guitar ]
And though we met...
And if it's wrong to love you wrong I'll always be

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