Who Sang Write Your Own Songs? Willie Nelson

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Writer(s): Willie Nelson
length: 3:19
You call us heathens with zero respect for the law
We are only songwriters just writing our songs and that's all
We write what we live and we live what we write is that wrong
If you think it is Mr. Music Executive
Why don't you write your own songs

And don't listen to mine,they might run you crazy
They might make you dwell on your feelings a moment too long
We're making you rich and you're already lazy
So just lay on your *** and get richer or write your own songs

Mr. Purified Country don't you know what the whole things about
Is your head up your *** so far that you can't pull it out
The world's getting smaller and everyone in it belongs
And if you can't see that Mr. Purified Country
Why don't you just write your own songs


So just lay on your *** and get richer or write your own songs

  • 1 Nobody Slides, My Friend
  • 2 Little Old Fashioned Karma
  • 3 Harbor Lights
  • 4 Without a Song
  • 5 Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues
  • 6 City of New Orleans
  • 7 Who'll Buy My Memories
  • 8 Write Your Own Songs
  • 9 Forgiving You Was Easy
  • 10 Me and Paul
  • 11 When I Dream
  • 12 My Own Peculiar Way
  • 13 Living in the Promiseland
  • 14 There Is No Easy Way (But There Is a Way)
  • 15 Ole Buttermilk Sky
  • 16 A Horse Called Music
  • 17 Nothing I Can Do About It Now
  • 18 Is the Better Part Over
  • 19 Ain't Neccessarily So
  • 20 Still Is Still Moving to Me