Who Sang How Do You Know? Wilson Hawk

Wilson Hawk The Road cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009
length: 4:16
I never ask for nothing
you don´t wanna give
I just want my own be self mine
and I don´t wanna ever wonder
if what I feel it´s right
but you make me feel so alive
I can said should trust what you tell me
but I´m so cut up in my into deep
How do I know
your feelings won´t change
How do I know
you won´t walk away
and how I do feel
if I can´t sleep at night
how do you know
oh...how do you know

  • 1 How Does It Feel
  • 2 I Need Your Love
  • 3 Over
  • 4 Something in You
  • 5 How Do You Know
  • 6 I Promise I Will
  • 7 Everything Good
  • 8 Beautiful Life
  • 9 What I Lost
  • 10 Stay
  • 11 The Road