Who Sang I'm the Midnight Mover? Wilson Pickett

Release information
Release Date: 1968
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Rhythm & Blues/Soul/Funk
length: 2:24
I'm a midnight mover, lookee here
All night through
I'm a midnight teaser
Real soul pleaser
I'm a midnight hugger (midnight hugger)
All night long, lookee here (and a lover)
Trust in me when you're down and out (please, baby)
I will always bring you up
They call me the midnight mover, oh yeah, ow
I'm a midnight walker
Sweet soul talker
I'm a midnight creeper
All-day sleeper
I'm a midnight rover, huh
Have to look things over
Leave your love light shinin' bright (please, baby)
Makes me know that everything's all right, ow
Hey, I'm a mover, groover, teaser, pleaser
Hugger, lover, walker, talker, oh
Got to be a midnight mover, oh
Got to be a midnight groover, oh
Got to be a midnight teaser, oh
Got to be a real soul-pleaser, oh
Got to be a midnight hugger, oh
Got to be a midnight lover, oh
Got to be a midnight walker, oh (a midnight walker)
Got to be a midnight talker, oh (a midnight talker)
Got to be a midnight creeper, oh (a midnight creeper)

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  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin