Who Sang The Snake? Witchcraft

Witchcraft Witchcraft cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psychedelic Rock/Hard Rock/Doom Metal
length: 2:49
You treat me like a snake in a cage within four walls I scream in rage
I twist and I writhe underneath your throne you think you´re a king but
you´re all alone

See I have lots of things to say matters will change now from this day
You crippled me so I can´t walk I´ll seek my vengeance I´ll make you talk

Oh you talk so slowly but that is just fine with me

The day will soon come to an end solitude baby is my best friend
Now you´ll see just why I live I´ve come to take back what you once killed

CD 1
  • 1 Witchcraft
  • 2 The Snake
  • 3 Please Don't Forget Me
  • 4 Lady Winter
  • 5 What I Am
  • 6 Schyssta Lögner
  • 7 No Angel or Demon
  • 8 I Want You to Know
  • 9 It's So Easy
  • 10 You Bury Your Head
  • 11 Her Sisters They Were Weak