Who Sang Hypocrisy? With Blood Comes Cleansing

Release information
Release Date: 2006-8-22
Genre: Rock
Style: Metalcore
ou are faithless, You'll reason with yourself. You'll feed off the ashes of your hell. Your lifeless decisions will all fail. To taste of the freedom that we feel. Desperate lies at the tip of your tongue. See through the eyes of a foolish son.
You'll mock our God. Hypocrisy.
Your fake peace can't come to the wicked.
Judas you're weaker than the enemy.

CD 1
  • 1 An Introduction to Death
  • 2 Golgotha
  • 3 Mark Your Words
  • 4 Fearless Before Opposition
  • 5 Take Everything
  • 6 My Help
  • 7 Persecution
  • 8 Bring Out Your Dead
  • 9 Betrayed
  • 10 Hypocrisy