Who Sang Good Bye? WIZO

WIZO Für'n Arsch cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1991
length: 2:58
Time with you was like Heaven on earth,
think that I've never felt better before yes'n
first I thought it's just a simple oneday Love,
but the I realized, that it was much more.

Like two death-ill patients we tried to enjoy the life
every minute sleep seemed like wasted time
we tried to forget the moment, that will come to sure,
when we hold each other in the arms the last time

cause our time was counted on the first day when we met
and so we took our love instead of beeing sad
'n now the day has come for us to say goodbye
and I know when you are gone that I will die

Time is running out, it's running out much to fast
Time with you is running out, it's becoming past
now the best time of my life has been passing by
and the time is coming now for us to say goodbye

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