Full Circle Lyrics - Woe

Woe Quietly, Undramatically cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-10-12
length: 12:59
some dreams are never too far away / they dance just on the edge of daylight / etched into your eyes, ghost movement in the peripheral / some thoughts are never too far away / they sit behind the daylight like shadows / tattooed on your skin, fingerprints of who you'll be tomorrow / (oh) vicious engineer / if i believed, your name would be a curse / for what frigid loathing would inspire / this broken planet's birth? / i would twist from your grasp / shudder against the coldness of your gaze / nothing would restore the absence of faith / we are alone / unable to change / marching in circles, we end as we begin / (oh_ callous overseer / if only in your image we were made / graced with indifference, this path would be so clear / uncaring, all-knowing, complete / but we are alone / and you were but a desperate dream / some meaning to offer / and i cannot believe / for we are alone / unable to change / marching in circles, we end as we begin /...the feelings rush back again so fast / like only moments passed / cinematic in their tension / but there i sit, frozen stiff / every word a cliché / time still laughs / "relax" she'll coax / her face a twisted grin / "never will you be far from home" / you are never free / something deep inside still nags / like this light has met my face before / and we march on, afraid
for i know we'll always meet again

CD 1
  • 1 No Solitude
  • 2 The Road from Recovery
  • 3 Quietly, Undramatically
  • 4 A Treatise on Control
  • 5 Without Logic
  • 6 Full Circle
  • 7 Hatred Is Our Heart