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Release Date: 1972
length: 3:03
Paddy lay Back

T'was[G] a cold and frosty[C] morning in Sep[G]tem[Em]ber
And[G] all of me money it was[A] spent,,[D]
Where it[G] went to oh[C] Lord I cant re[G]mem[Em]ber
So[G] down to the[D] shipping office[G] went

Oh[G] Paddy lie[C] back,oh Paddy lie back,
Take in your[G] slack,take in your slack
Take your turn put[Em] on your hats and jump fo[A]r board,,[D]
About[G] ship's for[C] England boys be[G] handy
For we'er[G] bound for Valp[C]arai so in the[G] morn

Last night there was a great demand for sailors
For the colonies for Frisco and for France
So I slipped aboard a lively barque,the Hotspur
And was paralytic drunk before before we went

There were Frenchmen,there were Germans there were Russians
There were jolly jacks came just across from from France
And not one of them could speak a word of English
But they'd awnser to the name of Bill or Dan

I woke up in the morning sick and sore
I wished I'd never sailed to sea once more
When a voice it came thundering through the floor
Get up and pay attention to your name

Well I wished that I was safely in the boozer
With Molly or with peggy on me knee
And I know exactly what I'd like to do now
And if you were here you'd do the same as me

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