Plastic Bullets Lyrics - Wolfe Tones

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Release Date: 2005-2-21
length: 5:11
So you (Am)divided up my (G)land
Six counties stayed in (C)England's (D)hand
(G)So you take my (C)home
But you (G)cannot take my (D)mind
Then you (Am)tried to keep me (G)down
With your tanks and guns in my (C)streets and (D)towns
And you (G)shoot your plastic (C)bullets
To (D)keep your plastic (G)state

In (G)Ireland's (D)troubled (G)land
Each (C)decade (D)brings its (G)rebel (D)band
And (G)forces (C)of the (G)crown
They (D)try to bring them (D7)down
But the (G)flowers will (D)bloom a(G)gain
And the (C)people (D)they will (G)rise a(D)gain
And (G)then you (C)shot him (G)down
So (D)all the world could (G)see

Does it matter how you kill
You make the rules it is your will
But let your plastic bullets
To kill it's all the same
Oh I could not believe my eyes
You took those young lads by surprise
The way you shot them down
That day in Derry town


Oh some justice we did seek
A place for all to live in peace
An island in the sea
Where people could be free
But you can not be proud
The way you shot him to that ground
A nightmare you shot them down
That night in Belfast town


Then shoot me, shoot me down
Because I make my colours known
And I heard the mercy cry
Where people in fear do lie
In anger then he ran
With the banner stick all in his hand
And then you shot him down
And all the world could see


The (G)day you (C)shot Séan (G)Dowd
That (D)day in Belfast (G)town

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