Táim in Arréars Lyrics - Wolfe Tones

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Release information
Release Date: 1972
length: 3:33

(Capo on 5th fret)

Here's a (C)health to me mother-in-(G)law now
I (C)ne'er at a fair saw her (F)yet
You (C)blackguard don't (F)drink a drop (G)with me
Your (C)conduct I'll (F)never for(C)get
My money you (F)freely have (G)squandered
(C)Treated me (F)rarely there (G7)now
(C)Drank both me (F)goose and me (G)gander
And to(C)night you'll be (F)drinking me (C)cow

Oh (C)Ta'im in ar(F)rears, in ar(G)rears
(C)Ta'im in ar(F)rears, i dti on (G7)ol
(C)Ta'im in ar(F)rears, in ar(G)rears
And I'm (C)feared I'll not (F)pay ever(C)more

I'm a fellow without any shame now
Without a good name to report
That would say to his darling wife's mother
He'd still carry on in this sort
I surely must travel through Éirinn
Take to the road till I die
As on me way I'll be faring
You'll still hear my neighbours all cry

I'd give you of cows a full twenty
Of calves I would give you a score
I'd give you me money in plenty
If you'll promise to drink here no more
A thousand good cows you can give me
Ten acres a million or more
I could swear to give over me drinking
I'd still pay a call to this door

There's a band of grey mud 'round me hat now
In my coat there is many a tear
Like a string is my old caravat now
And oh me poor wig is thread-bare
I'll buy me a shining new jacket
A wig that's all powdered galore
And I'll kick up a mighty fine racket
When I come into money once more

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