Who Sang I...? Wolfgang

Wolfgang Semenelin cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996
length: 3:18

Well I remember all that she said to me
How it made me a tongue twisted mass
When she told me of her leaving
Four years she was not to come back
So don't go can't you feel me breathing
I'm still standing beside you
My heart is shaking
What am I suppose to do
Now I scared because of lonliness
And fragile through despair
Fear that in her solitude
She'd find someone new for whom to care
If just to forge my smile i could spindle my happy lies
Lies I'd have to tell over and over all the rest of my life
Cause my existence now lies in solitude
And anger a constant trend
Though i have rubbed elbows with friendship
It was a lonely life in the end
So as i try to pass words of wisdom in the hope
That you migh prevail
Grab on to what you hold dear in life
And hang on with tooth and nail

CD 1
  • 1 Love & Despair
  • 2 Bought & Sold
  • 3 I...
  • 4 Mata Ng Diyos
  • 5 Cathedral of Space
  • 6 Center of the Sun
  • 7 Beast
  • 8 Weightless
  • 9 Semenelin
  • 10 Blue 11
  • 11 Mula Sa Kamandag
  • 12 New Mother Nature/Verwirrung
  • 13 Change