Woody Guthrie - Clean-o 歌詞

合成: Woody Guthrie
ジャンル: Children's Folk, World, & Country
スタイル: Folk
length: 3:02
Oh mama oh mama,
Come wash my face 3x 2x
And make it nice, and clean-O

Oh brother oh brother,
Come scrub my back 3x 2x
And scrub it nice and clean-O

Oh daddy oh daddy
Come shine my shoes 3x 2x
And polish them nice and clean-O

Oh sweetie oh sweetie
Come smell me now, 3x 2x
I smell so nice and clean-O

Oh clean oh clean, oh clean oh clean,
Oh clean oh clean, oh clean oh clean
Oh rub dub dubbity, and a scrub scrub scrubbity,
I smell so nice, and clean-O

  • 1 Wake Up
  • 2 Clean-o
  • 3 Dance Around
  • 4 Riding in My Car
  • 5 Don't You Push Me Down
  • 6 My Dolly
  • 7 Put Your Finger in the Air
  • 8 Come See
  • 9 Race You down the Mountain
  • 10 Howdido
  • 11 Merry-go-round
  • 12 Sleep Eye
  • 13 My Yellow Crayon
  • 14 Roll On
  • 15 Jiggy Jiggy Bum
  • 16 Bubble Gum