Who Sang Guardian Angel? Wordsworth

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Release Date: 2004-9-14
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:03
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I can tell by the way (I know you looking down on me)
You carry yourself (trying to make sure I do everything right)
I can tell by the way (we all make mistakes though)
You carry yourself (but if you can help me correct em)
Here's what I'll do (and you not here in the flesh)
I'll take care of you (but you here in the spirit)
Here's what I'll do (be my guest)
I'll take care of you

[Verse 1]
There's been times when I was ready to throw the cards on the table
Til I realized in my life I had a guardian angel
Some things hardly'll change you
Til you escape cars being mangled
When you coulda been scarred and disabled
I'd rather watch others make em so I can learn from mistakes
I shouldn't have to be enlightened after returning from wakes
I swear how incidents take place the same second I leave
And all the times that I went raw, I ain't catch a disease
I know
You was sent so you could watch me exist
Gotta be my pops making up for the time that he missed
I know
It's like the movie Final Destination
Death skips you, knowing dead friends is taking steps with you
And how you know they looking over you?
Depends what you going through
Not verbally, but through a vibe, then it's told to you
While I'm alive, I'm dying within
If you watching, hope you forgive and close your eyes when I sin
And I know...

I can tell by the way (the way that I walk)
You carry yourself (the way that I talk)
I can tell by the way (the way that I live)
You carry yourself (you gotta forgive)
Here's what I'll do (my guardian angel)
I'll take care of you (lend me your hand)
Here's what I'll do (my guardian angel)
I'll take care of you (if you can)

[Verse 2]
I was supposed to be on that train, supposed to caught that flight
Was there five minutes ago, instead of left, went right
All these decisions make a difference
Between you and critical condition
And a Grim Reaper missing you by inches
From up top you helped, he coulda threw you to the flames
It's like you in the owner's box, with a view of the game
You even helped the streets to cheat
Like when De Niro sensed the cops in the trailer cross the street in Heat
I know
You guiding me by showing me signs
And when the violence pops off, I hope I notice in time
I know
I gotta have a guardian angel
To give back or pick the slack up, when God is unable
I could use an extra hand
Doesn't mean you not here cause I don't see you physically
Just your flesh left the land
And if I fail, then I'll try again
If you watching, hope you forgive and close your eyes when I sin
And I know...


[Verse 3]
Ain't no second chance for a first impression
Ain't no second chance after you're buried in the dirt for the essence
And please, I just wanna know, ask you certain questions
Just as you can see from my mistakes it doesn't work guessing
And how about Burt, driving from work in Texas
Routine stop, the cops wound up searching him for weapons
The cops got nervous and shot Burt
Now he's in possession of the Earth
On his way to church for confession
And I know...


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  • Release information
    label: Halftooth Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 821681038324
    script: Latin