Who Sang Love Is? Worlds Apart

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Pop
Style: Synth-pop/Downtempo/Euro House/Disco
length: 4:17
Hold on to the love you've found
Cos love is...I will always be around
You have made my dream come true
My dream is...somebody to love like you

And never be afraid
No matter what's in store
I want to be with you forever more

Love is...not just a word you say
It's a very special thing
It means more than just a ring
Love is...not just a game to play
It could easy break your heart
If you're not ready from the start

Think about the times we shared
And love is...
Showing you how much I cared,
oh baby
You're the one I'm looking for
Now I need...never be alone no more

I'll never be afraid
To give my heart to you
I want to love you for ever more


Saxophon solo

Chorus to fade

CD 1
  • 1 Don't Change
  • 2 Quand je rĂªve de toi
  • 3 Back to Where We Started
  • 4 Baby I Need You
  • 5 How Much You Mean to Me
  • 6 Ocean Blue
  • 7 Nobody Loves You
  • 8 Destination Heartache
  • 9 Love Is
  • 10 Ray of Sunshine
  • 11 Half the Story
  • 12 I Will Be There
  • 13 I Know, You Know, We Know
  • 14 Rise Like the Sun
  • 15 I'm Yours