Who Sang Jesus Hates You? X-Fusion

X-Fusion Demons of Hate cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-3-28
Genre: Electronic
Style: EBM/Electro/Industrial
length: 4:34
I'm Jesus Christ
Hear my holy lies
Got only one device
See my greedy eyes

Fool the poor and the weak
To the light they seek
Sell the blessings for
50 dollars or more

Love to see them cry
Watch them slowly die
Lead every war
For a better score

I don't care at all
If they stand or fall
If you're dead of alive
The fact is I will survive

Jesus hates you
Jesus hates your f___ing life

I am Jesus Christ
Can't you see the light?
I preach the holy way
Join or be my prey

Look up into the sky
All my psalms are a lie
Want to see me die?
Wanna crucify?

Plot a way for the destruction
Of the earth
To plague, starvation and diseases
I gave birth

I let them all die
'Cause my will is the law
I'm your mighty God
And I love the war

CD 1
  • 1 My Revelation
  • 2 C'mon Devil
  • 3 Masochist
  • 4 Archenemys Revenge
  • 5 Labyrinth of Thoughts
  • 6 Black Clouds
  • 7 Human Consistency
  • 8 Psycho Maniac
  • 9 The Dungeon of Reality
  • 10 No Fiend to Exorcise
  • 11 Kalter Schatten
  • 12 Near End
  • 13 Demons of Hate
  • 14 Black Clouds (Winter Gale mix)
  • 15 Achluophobia
    CD 2
  • 1 Velocity
  • 2 War and Hate
  • 3 Nosferatu
  • 4 Hate This World
  • 5 Don't You See the Lies
  • 6 Amoklauf v2.0
  • 7 Jesus Hates You
  • 8 Dial D for Demons
  • 9 Legion of the Damned
  • 10 Pacto Con El Diablo
  • 11 Let My Body Burn (club mix)
  • 12 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  • 13 C'mon Devil (slow version)
  • 14 C'mon Devil (trance mix)
  • 15 The Ordeal