Who Sang Salvation? xDEATHSTARx

Release information
Release Date: 2007-2-20
length: 4:23
Another modern life- just a crash course to oblivion- preview a battered soul's fall- drowning in the struggle to the surface fades away from- sight shifts to accord with- morals won't suspend the dead weight of the sinking- salvation wrench the soul- step back into the haze- or let new life unfold- eternity, every- the gravity of the unknown- darkness takes move again- so comes the power to oppose- all will prevail who are under- another modern life- a wretched life sad and unworthy- a doubting soul- who can stand in my way- I can not fall one life for all- steal and destroy- you know I've come for this- I'll rip his soul from him- and I'll take pride in it- observe the end it's just begun- I'll bruise my heel but crush your face- Alpha Omega- if this is real let me cease to be- if this is real then let me decrease- Holy, so who am I to trample Him- when every moment is a lifetime- and only death is sure to come- Holy, so who am I to trample him- a beauty beyond our highest sight- and only death is sure to come- death that's sure to come.

CD 1
  • 1 Where's Your Faith Now?
  • 2 Burn Everything
  • 3 We Are the Threat
  • 4 The Wake
  • 5 Decline of the Western Civilization
  • 6 Through Dead Eyes
  • 7 The Great Opiate
  • 8 City of Lost Children
  • 9 Because the Flesh Is Weak
  • 10 Fallen Sons
  • 11 Salvation