Who Sang Death From Orbit? Xenocide

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length: 4:18
Eight limbs fall down from the sky
We bring with us Armageddon

Fires will ignite and burn forever
Charred remains of a gutted corpse
No mercy, no remorse
Killing and purging is all we know

Melting flesh into the ground
We will crush your puny world


Bones misshapen with bludgeoning tools
Mass eradication takes its toll

Filthy bipeds are no more
The arachnids will have total control

Some of your kind we shall keep
To be our slaves the shoes on our feet
Once we gathered what we need
Your star will collapse to ready our fleet


Converting souls into meaning

Death from Orbit x4

Foolish humans
Freedom from tyranny is just a myth
The very same weapons
that promised you salvation have left you adrift
Scorched is the surface
Your planet lays in ruin and dissonance

And those who seek ascension must suppress
those who inherit intelligence

Eternal beings never sleep
they keep the fires burning
The Matriarch of Sorrow
the flagship of our fleet is returning

From the void that stretches from our home
To the endless sea of stars
Bringing with them brand new hope
The end result: Death from Orbit

  • 1 I, Warning
  • 2 Space Rot
  • 3 Death From Orbit
  • 4 Remnants of Organics
  • 5 Misanthropic Dreams
  • 6 Galactic Oppression
  • 7 Forgotten Bloodlines and Empty Oaths