Who Sang Galactic Oppression? Xenocide

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length: 6:02
Echoes drifting through s***e
Free from the malice, distortion
and everything that is organized thought
Vast, dark energy reigns
weaponized and used
Destruction envelops as extinction follows existence

Bound to a strange dimension
subservience or termination
Negligent resistance from those who oppose


Our kind one mind
We pursue the ultimate truth
All sentient worlds are commodious
necessary tools for galactic control

As our grip grows tighter
Devolution takes place and more systems fall
Through brutal oppression
Conditioned by eternal war

The time for harvest nears
and Life shall bear no weight
The search for equilibrium
shall balance this great plain

We will take control and depredate your mother star

One last glimpse of light
before everlasting dark

Ruled by an unseen force
Bred for galactic control
Killed in order to serve

We are the Deadfall; Octal and machine
We are legion inheritors of this galaxy
Keeper of the Fire, prime architect
Destiny of quadrality universal subsistence
How can you fathom what lays beyond?

Existence in eleven dimensions is an absurdity
To beings that resonate in four dimensional reality

The colors and spectra
incomprehensible shock and awe
You cry out in agony
as our mother ship descends to cull

Weak and pathetic you tremble and ask us why?
We look down and all eight eyes vaporize what's left

Our intent: Harvest souls for mass ascension!
Shed ourselves of corporeal form
through Galactic Oppression.

  • 1 I, Warning
  • 2 Space Rot
  • 3 Death From Orbit
  • 4 Remnants of Organics
  • 5 Misanthropic Dreams
  • 6 Galactic Oppression
  • 7 Forgotten Bloodlines and Empty Oaths