Who Sang Silent Brotherhood? Xenophobia

Release information
Release Date: 2006-5
length: 6:20
In times of peril he fought for our race
In winter's solitude he died by ZOG's flame
Those who betrayed him must feel our blades
For shaming our martyrs and bringing disgrace
Those who stand loyal your time soon shall come
When the benefit of your sacrifice is reaped by your sons
Our ancestors guided you and you lead the man
For all of our findred to live not as slaves
And so Robert J. Matthews... gathered his army behind enemy lines...
And in racial communion, the blood pact was made
And in silence... The Brotherhood...was born...
Hero to your people you stood alone
Lead by example to conquer Zion's throne
Bled for your brethren the army of Folk
And like the wolf alone you died in the snow...

  • 1 Supremacy and War (part 1)
  • 2 Triumph of Spirit
  • 3 Silent Brotherhood
  • 4 Anti-Semite Eternal
  • 5 Thousand Lies