Who Sang Realms? Xenturion Prime

Xenturion Prime Mecha Rising cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-6-18
length: 4:29
Fueled by my imagination
I choose a path
The worlds beyond
Craving attention
I acknowledge their call
Forgotten senses unified
It ignites my soul, electrifies
Reveals my destination
Beyond the sphere of solid ground
My consciousness and spirit bound
A revelation
Suddenly the room shatters around me
A creeping mist seeps through the cracks and then envelops me
I am elevated above the floor
A voice rising up inside me
It tells me to let go and leave this realm
Impossible to resist
It is my destiny

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Mecha
  • 2 Rise
  • 3 Transmissions
  • 4 Second Nature
  • 5 Radiant
  • 6 Vermilion
  • 7 Voyagers
  • 8 Realms
  • 9 Ignition/Power Up
  • 10 Skyline
  • 11 Elite
  • 12 Beyond Infinity