Who Sang Voyagers? Xenturion Prime

Xenturion Prime Mecha Rising cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-6-18
length: 5:51
Waking up, I wonder if the dream is real
Deep inside, longing for the expansion of humanity

We have been implored to explore
The universe is signalling us out
Ignite the flame
The final journey has begun
A voyager for all eternity
Ignite the flame
Coincidence will guide the way
We'll be voyagers for all eternity
Falling stars sweep across the sky
Neon lights coloring the night in the urban scenery

Show me now, tell me are you ready to go
Together far beyond infinity

Oceans of fire, In a vast expanse of darkness
Theoretical quantum physics applied
Shrouded reality and mystery combined

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Mecha
  • 2 Rise
  • 3 Transmissions
  • 4 Second Nature
  • 5 Radiant
  • 6 Vermilion
  • 7 Voyagers
  • 8 Realms
  • 9 Ignition/Power Up
  • 10 Skyline
  • 11 Elite
  • 12 Beyond Infinity