Who Sang Bioexplosive Race? Xiuhtecuhtli

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length: 5:06
From war to alight the eagles

Where straighten up the tigers
The fire is invoked
The former ones watch us
As a shield that goes down
Like that is setting the sun
In Mexico is falling the night
The war marauders throughout
Oh!, bearers of life, Demons
The war approaches...
Proud of herself
The city gets up, Tenochtitlan
Here nobody fears the death in the
This is our life, This your mandate
Oh! Bearer of life, Demon
Listen to my call, oh princes
The jaguar lives!
Come here contemporary
Come and challenge me
From the sacrifice to my ancestors you die...
Weak soul, who will protect you?
Even your messiah is a dead man
Who will be able to surround Tenochtitlan?
Who f*** move the foundations of the universe?

  • 1 Six Sun on Armed Wings
  • 2 Bioexplosive Race
  • 3 Yaoyotl
  • 4 Napalm Force Sabbath
  • 5 Flamethrower Tide
  • 6 They Do Uproar