Who Sang Napalm Force Sabbath? Xiuhtecuhtli

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length: 3:14
My hatred is the top of lance that I hold

I cannot hide of myself and,
From my altar I direct my weapons

I do of my hands my secret magic
Liberate your nuclear power under my feet,
And the pyramids will not fall down
That the fire wrap us for that,
We, your soldiers, will not die.
Oh Emperor, my arms are two venom guns
Bring at one the fury of the land to the men
No more b****** Christians will be born
And the pyramids will stand tall
Oni Sabast Adonay,
I invoke you master of the hells
My tongue has sampled the flavor of the bullets
Great general, who will bring massacre
To our hearts
I don't have relatives
I do that the land and the sky they are
Lucifer, you, who poison the saints
Rise from their tombs my ancestors
Eagle, Serpent, Jaguar, Wolf,
in an explosion
Exorgunt Mortui et and Veniunt

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