Who Sang Six Sun on Armed Wings? Xiuhtecuhtli

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length: 3:52
I watch my axe making bleed the sky

You see, I'm your son, I put the notes to the dark wind
With thousand laments to the forest
Frozen forest, we are born of ardent land
Leave your branches of hatred

I have seen everything and no peace
Fixed in stakes, Gabriel, Sachiel, Anael
In this vomit times, me lacking voice to say my hatred
Cyclone of war, yaotl! Belzebuth

The eagle warrior for you call
Warlike demon in my heart
You keep your sword, Centeotl Izkaltia
Has come for me, is your horse
Amount and lead me to the weapons

I come before your throne with my ancient lords
I fighter through the six sun of decadence

Me lacking voice to say my hatred
Six serpent strings don't express it

Even no symphony to adore you serpent
Feebles and betrayers rotten in black Xiuh
The fire of my notes and my shield
Intlayak ik mo katzawani in tletlakoll,
Aya makizkia...

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