Who Sang Yaoyotl? Xiuhtecuhtli

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length: 3:20
My way is full of visions
Master of the future winds
The sky is your banner
I continue to our meeting...
I see my hands and they're those of the canine one
And between the winds I can listen everything
With the long of my fangs, I am a pulled wolf
My claws cross the skies
Towards him north east , and towards you.
Shakes the sky with your gallop
His doors will fall down with my voice
I direct my legion to yours
To the battle and the victory
I smell your distant horde so nearby
Also our will fight for you kingdom
Among lightnings tell me your secrets
Do that your eyes are mine
Help me, rides on my way and
On that of my ears, strong
Master of the war, clutches your lance
Crosses my chest to join ourselves
In the fire show me the future
I can see the rivers of his blood

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