Who Sang Come Down to the River? Y’akoto

Y’akoto Moody Blues cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-8-22
length: 3:43
remixer: Boogieman
producer: Mocky
vocal: Y’akoto
mixer: Arne Schumann
recording engineer: Jason Donaghy
arranger: Y’akoto
composer: Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck, Dominic Salole
lyricist: Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck

Wait for me, I'll come down
I'll be with you, I'll come down
You called for me, So I'll come down
Believe me in me, I'll come down

Come down to the river
"Come", that's what he told me
Come down to the river, come down
I'll be at the river
Waiting for your soul to be with me forever
Come down

I can't live another day
So let river carry me away

[Verse 1]
Hold on to me, I'll come down
You bring me there, so I'll come down
Don't belong to anybody
Push me over!
I won't drown, I'll come down



I'll be strong and weak today
I'll give in to what you say
Cause I've tried to live alone
But your voice is just too strong
Oh woah...
(Too strong)



So let it carry me away
Mmm... away

CD 1
  • 1 Come Down to the River
  • 2 Forget
  • 3 Perfect Timing
  • 4 I Will Go Down
  • 5 Carry This
  • 6 Save You
  • 7 Now Is the Time
  • 8 Moodyman
  • 9 Tobo Darling
  • 10 Don’t Call
  • 11 Off the Boat
  • 12 Mother and Son
  • 13 Come and Go
  • 14 In a War
  • 15 Talk to Me, Part II
  • 16 Without You (acoustic version)
  • 17 Don’t Call (acoustic version)