Who Sang Good Better Best? Y’akoto

Y’akoto Babyblues cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-3-30
length: 3:51
producer: HazE
vocal: Y’akoto
mixer: Kahedi and Tom Krüger
bass: HazE
organ: Lutz Krajenski
additional keyboard: HazE
acoustic guitar: Fidelis Amo-Antwi and Moritz Stahl
percussion: Matteo Scrimali
programming: HazE
snare drum: HazE
arranger: Y’akoto
bass drum: HazE
composer: Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck, Fidelis Amo-Antwi
lyricist: Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck

[Verse 1]
A little bird needs help to fly
Mamma pushes her out of the nest
And says "Try, try try!"
Even though she is afraid
She spreads her wings
Without looking down
Oh oh
She hits the ground hard and loud
And mamma says
"Welcome to life, darling"

Oh gee, oh gee, oh gee why is life this way?
Oh gee, oh gee, oh gee why is life this way?

Good better best
May I never rest
Until my good is better
And my better best

[Verse 2]
Even though she is afraid
You can feel that she is great
When she struggles to come off the ground
Oh oh
Fail, follow, and try
Again and again and again
And you don't have to be afraid
To fail little baby girl



Yeah, tell me why?
Yeah, I will try, try
Again [x4]
And I will try
Again [x2]


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