Who Sang Love Me Harder? Y’akoto

Y’akoto Mermaid Blues cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-3-31
length: 4:05
producer: Valentin Heinrich, Y’akoto, Matteo Capreoli and Hailé Jno-Baptiste
lead vocals: Y’akoto
recording engineer: Matteo Capreoli
bass: Valentin Heinrich and Hailé Jno-Baptiste
arranger: Y’akoto
keyboard: Y’akoto and Valentin Heinrich
guitar: Hailé Jno-Baptiste
other instruments: Matteo Capreoli and Valentin Heinrich
composer: Matteo Capreoli, Valentin Heinrich, Hailé Jno-Baptiste, Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck
lyricist: Valentin Heinrich, Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck

(Ohhh oh-oh oh-oh, oh...)
(I don't mind)

[Verse 1]
Coffee is not strong enough
The shower is not cold enough
I have nothing else to say
Just bite my pain away

[Verse 2]
Kisses taste just like a storm
Your touch is more than powerful
To me, a room, look at my eyes
And tell me you need more

Love me harder
So I can forget to regret
Love me harder
So I can forget to regret

We could be here till the end of time
With your hand locked up in mine
I could be loved till the end of time
With your touch locked up in mine


[Verse 3]
My head feels heavy from the drinks
Your mouth is dry
I cannot think
Your eyes are red
But we don't care
We love the night away

[Verse 4]
You hold me tight
I fall sleep
The curtains close
You hug my feet
We love this love
In the dark
Secretely from heart to heart



(Love me harder)
(Love me harder)



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  • 2 Take Him Back
  • 3 All I Want (Comme ci, comme ça)
  • 4 Love Me Harder
  • 5 Maggie
  • 6 Reception
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