Who Sang Moodyman? Y’akoto

Y’akoto Moody Blues cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-8-22
length: 2:50
producer: HazE
vocal: Y’akoto
mixer: Ricky Ojijo
arranger: Y’akoto
composer: Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck
lyricist: Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck

If you love a moody man
It's hard to predict
When your love comes right
And when it comes wrong
Of unknown temperature
You never know what to wear
What would turn him off
And what would turn him on

He's switching from moody to happy
On Monday he wants to dump me
On Tuesday he puts it on me
Oh Lord, I'm in a mess

I love a moody man
Yes, I do
A moody man...

I love a moody man
Who doesn't like moody girls
I do the best I can to stay sweet
In this moody world

But, here I am
Just after two weeks
Eating junk food
I'm feeling so sick

My moody man left me
For a very sweet lady
My moody man left me
For a very sweet lady

He didn't like me when I was not sweet
He chose to attend to my gentleness
Oh Lord
And now I'm lonely
Cause his moodiness
Made me moody

(Moody, moody, moody...)

CD 1
  • 1 Come Down to the River
  • 2 Forget
  • 3 Perfect Timing
  • 4 I Will Go Down
  • 5 Carry This
  • 6 Save You
  • 7 Now Is the Time
  • 8 Moodyman
  • 9 Tobo Darling
  • 10 Don’t Call
  • 11 Off the Boat
  • 12 Mother and Son
  • 13 Come and Go
  • 14 In a War
  • 15 Talk to Me, Part II
  • 16 Without You (acoustic version)
  • 17 Don’t Call (acoustic version)